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Our Mission

Serious illness can wreak havoc on family life.  Caring for the ill demands endless time and energy.  Extra curricular activities of both children and parents can go by the wayside.  Academics can falter.  Family dinners become rushed events in the back of a car.   Birthdays and holiday celebrations go unplanned.


We are here to help. 


The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to maintaining normalcy for families experiencing life-threatening illness.   We provide funding, referrals, and volunteers to help with family's emotional needs - specifically those of the children.   For more information or to apply for services, please see the links below.


The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown helps families maintain a sense of normalcy during times of serious illness.  We care for the family as a whole; with particular attention given to the needs of the children. Services include tutoring, special occassion assistance, extra curriculars, and family outings.


In order to receive Piggyback services, an application must be received and approved.   Families must provide a doctor's note confirming a life-threatening illness.   The illness can be in any family member that permanently resides in the home.   Financial need is not considered. See our Services page for more information.  Or, click here for an application.



The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown relies on donations to help local families maintain normalcy during times of serious illness.   The money stays in the community -benefiting citizens of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley suburbs. Donations are fully tax deductible and a receipt will be provided for tax purposes.   

Get Involved

We are always looking to partner with members of the community!   There are many opportunities to get involved as an individual, corporate sponsor, partnering agency, donor, Board of Directors member, etc.  


Please see the contact page and latest news for ways to get involved.


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Latest News

Fall, 2023

Piggyback is gearing up for the holidays!
We just recently provided gift cards for our adopted families to purchase Halloween costumes for all their children.  Up next:  Thanksgiving meal gift cards for groceries or catering.  And then...Christmas meals and gifts!! 

We learned last year that our PBF parents find dignity and honor in shopping for their own children.  So in lieu of delivering gifts purchased by donors, we are delivering gift cards so parents can shop for their own children! 

As such, we have a gift card drive going from now until November 16th. That gives our liaisons time to deliver the gift cards before Black Friday sales!   

If you are able, we sincerely appreciate any contribution to our holiday efforts!  Please know that your kindness will help make the holidays magical for local families!  Help Youngstown families battling life threatening disease by donating here.  





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