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History & Mission 










This video reflects the Mission of the Piggyback Foundation,
both in Norwalk Ohio and in Youngstown.  
This is why we do what we do.


The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown is based upon the success of The Piggyback Foundation operated in Norwalk, Ohio.   The original Norwalk-based foundation was started in 2007 by a school teacher, Lisa Hiler.   Lisa noticed one of her students suddenly began struggling emotionally and academically.  Upon inquiry of the student’s parents, Lisa discovered that the family’s father was given a very serious cancer diagnosis.  Suddenly, mom had little time for the children’s activities, homework help, or family togetherness.   The children were restless, worried, and preoccupied by the upheaval in their lives.  Lisa decided to help the family with donations of time and money so the children’s routine could return.    Lisa helped with tutoring, arranged transportation for the kids to attend their usual activities, and funded some leisurely family outings.  The children’s spirits quickly lifted.   


The Piggyback concept was brought to the Youngstown area when a board member from the Norwalk Foundation moved to Canfield in March of 2014.    Deeply moved by the Piggyback mission, Janelle Nagy researched community services in the Youngstown area.  She found the need being served in Norwalk was going unmet in the Mahoning Valley.   Armed with a working knowledge of non-profit fundraising and Lisa Hiler's blessing, Janelle launched The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown in early 2016. 


The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown helps provide normalcy for children in families fighting life-threatening illness.   The organization has services to ensure ongoing academic success, continuation or enrollment in extra-curricular activities, and family togetherness.   The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown proudly serves the Younstown community by supporting Youngstown businesses and organizations.  Click here for a general list of Piggyback Partners that we frequent and/or have kindly supported us along the way.  

Visit our Services page to learn more details about the work and programs of the Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown.

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Please see the Get Involved page for ways to aid The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown. 

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