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Detailed below are the general services offered by The Piggyback Foundation of Youngstown.   Most family needs tend to fall within these parameters.   Furthermore, we try to address each of these programs for each of our families - a measure to ensure we provide for academic success, childhood normalcy, and family togetherness.   Most importantly, we exist to serve you!  Our services can be tailored to the unique needs of each individual family.  
See the bottom of the page for an application to receive services.

Family Counts

It is important to provide families the opportunity to attend activities that help strengthen the family unit, provide stress relief and make memorable moments. The Piggyback Foundation provides funding to families, at a time when finances are limited, to make memorable moments happen.

Examples of family activities include movies, dinners out, bowling, camping, and museum trips.   Piggyback also provides support for efforts to celebrate special occasions such as graduations, holidays, and birthdays.


The possibilities are as unique as your family.  

Education Counts

When attention has been directed to the ill family member, the emotional stress and isolation felt by children may cause them to fall behind in school. It is important to work with the parents, the school, and the teacher to meet the child's academic needs.


Examples of available aid include home work help, tutoring, assessment, and school supplies.


Fun Counts

The Piggyback Foundation works with the family to maintain the children's extracurricular activities. In times of financial uncertainty, many families have to set priorities. The difficult decision to discontinue extracurricular activities can be devastating to a child's emotional, physical, and social well being. It is important that the children are able to continue to be involved in these enjoyable activities that help reduce stress.


Examples of extra curricular activites are as varied as our Piggyback children:  karate, art, drama, soccer, and dance to name just a few.  

Application for Services
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